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We have created a program that incorporates the best skills and elements of a multitude of sports. Each session will focus on the 8 Bear Essential Skills for a sports person to possess.

Sessions are tailored to an individual’s ability to help them progress through our Bear Essential learning levels.

Unless your children are doing a number of different specific sports activities it’s unlikely they will get the range of activities as they will at Bear Essentials.

Fundamental Movement Patterns

Knowing how to control your body and move properly is key to being successful at any sport.
This is one of our main ways that children can improve their physical literacy. As all children grow at different rates, it is important to adapt programs and individualise drills and games to help them understand how their bodies are changing. We will implement a progressive movement pattern program that will allow children to learn and understand how to move and run effectively, efficiently, and help them gain an advantage on the sports field.


Having a basic foundation of strength is critical in nearly every sport.
Having a basic foundation of strength is critical in nearly every sport. An Overall strength base can also help prevent injuries and make children more robust which in turn, will give them the confidence to choose any sport they would like to try their hand at.


Having good balance is essential for all other aspects of the bear essential 8.
By focussing on a balance element during every session, in a number of different sports, helps children have more control over their bodies. Balance and proprioception are also needed and used in every sport and learning how to balance in a multiple of sports will teach children when and how to use this skill in anything they take up in the future. This is another way to prevent injury.


There are many different types of leaders and most the time during sports practice these leaders come about naturally.
On and off the field at Bear Essentials we believe anyone can be a leader by the way they conduct themselves, through their confidence, and by inspiring others. Not many sports programs focus on this characteristic and some children are perhaps not given the opportunity to fulfil their leadership potential. That’s why it is so important to try and give children the chance to enhance this skill that can help them both in sport and general life.


This is another essential skill that most people will need on and off the field.
Trying to teach children to be able to communicate, co-operate, collaborate and work within a group and as part of a team effectively is a major goal of Bear Essentials. Understanding how to work with other people and try and get the best out of them is a skill that is again very underrated in sports coaching. Using a number of different games and team building exercises children will learn how to communicate, problem-solve and work as a team thus giving them essential life and sporting skills for their future.


In every sport there is no substitute for speed.
Being able to move into position faster or beat a defender can help anyone succeed within sport. Alongside the fundamental movement patterns there will be a progressive speed program that we will follow in Bear Essentials. Different genetic build up and different growth stages are major factors contributing to the production of speed and power. However, if children know how to move properly, efficiently and effectively this will help children reach their maximum speed.


As well as speed another key fundamental to be successful in most sports is agility.
Being able to control your body and stay balanced while running at speed is very important to give you the best opportunity to move around the sports arena or the playground. By playing a different variety of agility games and drills children will learn how to dodge, swerve, and move around at speed. They will learn a multitude of different techniques and be able to intrinsically find out what works best for them taking this knowledge into any sport they participate in.

Hand-Eye Co-ordination

This is a vital component in every sport but especially in team ball sports and any sport that requires a racket or a bat.
By focusing on, and improving, these skills using a range of different sports and using lots of different equipment children will learn and develop their hand-eye co-ordination and transfer this over to a multitude of sports.


We use positive encouragement to create an environment so the greatest amount of learning can occur. Getting children to help each other & encourage each other helps them to learn and develop good leadership, mentoring and teamwork skills.

Our Classes & Pricing

We usually encourage children to join groups of others that are similar age. However, because we use different levels to monitor and assess children’s basic development we can also group children together depending on ability. We pride ourselves on being able to adapt every activity to challenge each child at their appropriate level. For this reason, we promote siblings (that are within a few years of each other) to train together.

Private Sessions

($1000 / 1 hr)

These sessions are for small groups of 1-4 children from ages 3 & up. Private sessions allow more attention to detail and individual coaching and development. Designed for siblings and friends, these programs can be adapted to focus in line with sports of the client’s choice. All sessions are based around enjoyment & the 8 Bear Essentials of sport.

General Group Sessions

($200 / 1 hr)

Group sessions are for 5 children or more. We will group children together with others of a similar age or ability (following the Bear Essential Ability Levels). If you would like to set up a group class with friends, then this is also an option dependant on availability.

Cub (Toddler) essentials

($200 / 1 hr)

This program is a mixture of fundamental movement patterns, gross and fine motor skills, games, and cognitive development. We promote toddlers working on their own and without the assistance of support from an adult as much as possible. We will normally group toddlers together with others of a similar ages. 1-2 yr olds, 2-3 yr olds and 3-4 yr olds.

Our Locations


Repulse Bay

Happy Valley

Cyber Port

We teach all across Hong Kong and are always looking for new locations. If you have a friends in your complex and an available function room (with adequate safe space) then get in touch and we can try and work something out.

Note: Fee of function room may not be included within pricing.

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