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Founder - Mark Wright

Mark was born and bred in Hong Kong and, after growing up as part of the HWI (Harry Wright International) family, he has always been actively involved in sport. He began his professional sporting career as one of the first Pro Rugby players in HK. After spending five years playing professional rugby in Japan and having his first child, Mark came back to HK and completed his teaching qualifications while still playing professionally with the HK 7s program at the Hong Kong Sports Institute. Having a family of his own he has seen first-hand the importance that sport can play in a child’s development.

During his time teaching at schools in HK he has recognised that often some sports were more challenging for children to access. He believes that often this is attributed to
children’s lack of basic fundamental ‘bear essentials’ that help them try their hand at different sports with confidence. The Bear Essentials session have therefore been planned to develop and focus on the ‘Bear 8’ in an attempt to promote a love of sports and outdoor activities.

Mark believes that enjoyment and fun is the best way for children to learn and to create enthusiasm. This will be incorporated in to every session, creating a safe space where, with encouragement, children will learn to hone their skills with no fear of failure. He will use his teaching knowledge of best teaching practice and how children learn in an attempt to set correct attainment levels and challenge points to increase learning, keep focus, and create the most amount of enjoyment during each session.


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Provide sessions that cover the Bear Essential’s 8 fundamentals that help us perform and excel in any sport.

Fundamental Movement Patterns

Knowing how to control your body and move properly is key to being successful at any sport.
This is one of our main ways that children can improve their physical literacy. As all children grow at different rates, it is important to adapt programs and individualise drills and games to help them understand how their bodies are changing. We will implement a progressive movement pattern program that will allow children to learn and understand how to move and run effectively, efficiently, and help them gain an advantage on the sports field.


Having a basic foundation of strength is critical in nearly every sport.
Having a basic foundation of strength is critical in nearly every sport. An Overall strength base can also help prevent injuries and make children more robust which in turn, will give them the confidence to choose any sport they would like to try their hand at.


Having good balance is essential for all other aspects of the bear essential 8.
By focussing on a balance element during every session, in a number of different sports, helps children have more control over their bodies. Balance and proprioception are also needed and used in every sport and learning how to balance in a multiple of sports will teach children when and how to use this skill in anything they take up in the future. This is another way to prevent injury.


There are many different types of leaders and most the time during sports practice these leaders come about naturally.
On and off the field at Bear Essentials we believe anyone can be a leader by the way they conduct themselves, through their confidence, and by inspiring others. Not many sports programs focus on this characteristic and some children are perhaps not given the opportunity to fulfil their leadership potential. That’s why it is so important to try and give children the chance to enhance this skill that can help them both in sport and general life.


This is another essential skill that most people will need on and off the field.
Trying to teach children to be able to communicate, co-operate, collaborate and work within a group and as part of a team effectively is a major goal of Bear Essentials. Understanding how to work with other people and try and get the best out of them is a skill that is again very underrated in sports coaching. Using a number of different games and team building exercises children will learn how to communicate, problem-solve and work as a team thus giving them essential life and sporting skills for their future.


In every sport there is no substitute for speed.
Being able to move into position faster or beat a defender can help anyone succeed within sport. Alongside the fundamental movement patterns there will be a progressive speed program that we will follow in Bear Essentials. Different genetic build up and different growth stages are major factors contributing to the production of speed and power. However, if children know how to move properly, efficiently and effectively this will help children reach their maximum speed.


As well as speed another key fundamental to be successful in most sports is agility.
Being able to control your body and stay balanced while running at speed is very important to give you the best opportunity to move around the sports arena or the playground. By playing a different variety of agility games and drills children will learn how to dodge, swerve, and move around at speed. They will learn a multitude of different techniques and be able to intrinsically find out what works best for them taking this knowledge into any sport they participate in.

Hand-eye Coordination

This is a vital component in every sport but especially in team ball sports and any sport that requires a racket or a bat.
By focusing on, and improving, these skills using a range of different sports and using lots of different equipment children will learn and develop their hand-eye co-ordination and transfer this over to a multitude of sports.


We strive to give children the fundamental skills that they need for any sporting opportunities.

There is a plethora of literature now suggesting that children should not specialise at a young age. Most children will not know what sport they will want to participate in when they are older so having a basic knowledge and skill set that is adaptable and transferable for any sport is the key goal and vision of Bear Essentials. The program will also be an introductory guide and insight into different sports for children that will allow them to pursue the sports that they thrive in and enjoy the most. By attempting to take the best parts of a variety of different sports we will hopefully finish up with children that are very well rounded athletes, that can compete to the best of their ability in any sport they choose in the future.


We are fully committed to ensuring children get the most out of every session that they take part in.

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This is our primary focus at Bear Essentials. We believe that children learn best when they are challenged and having FUN. This is embedded in everything we do.

Adaptable Teaching

We recognise that not all children develop skills and abilities at the same age. By individualising and differentiating every section of the program on children’s ability, rather than their age, we feel the most amount of learning can be obtained.

Safe Space

The best way to learn is from your own mistakes so by creating an environment where there is no fear of failure it will bring about an atmosphere where children can improve to the best of their ability.

Intrinsic Learning

Our programs are designed for children to develop their own skills intrinsically with the aim of building confidence and allowing children to learn from their own mistakes.

Learning Research

We are constantly trying to implement the latest research of best teaching practices and how children learn.


We use positive encouragement to create an environment so the greatest amount of learning can occur. Getting children to help each other & encourage each other helps them to learn and develop good leadership, mentoring and teamwork skills.

Give Your Child A Head Start In Sport & Life